Learn About Energy Healing and How Sessions Work

 Reiki Healing is a process that is used to balance, clear, and introduce positive energy into the energy body system, among other things. While Reiki can be used in many ways, as your Reiki healer our session will be using Reiki energy as a resource to uncover the messages within the body, remove stagnant energy, relieve pain, and add decrease stress.

How a Reiki Session Works

After booking a session, we will meet at the scheduled time. We will start with an intake to address any concerns you may want to be addressed during your session such as: anxiety relief, pain relief, overthinking, emotional distress, or anything else causing you to feel far from your best. You will then sit in meditation while our session is performed. Once your session is complete, you will gently be welcomed back as we discuss how your session went and the specific messages that your body shared with me.
How Reiki Can Help You Today

Energy Healing can help understand many areas within your life

A Few Common Ways That Reiki Healing Can Help You

  • Anxiety and Stress Relief
  • Clears Overthinking
  • Grief Management
  • Physical Pain Relief and Management
  • Trauma Management and Release
  • Chakra Alignment
  • Spiritual Alignment & more
 Energy healing offers profound benefits to the mind, body, and soul by addressing the connected aspects of our being. At its core, this ancient technique recognizes that physical health and mental harmony are intimately linked to the flow of energy within us.

 On the physical level,  it supports the body's natural healing abilities, relieving pain and discomfort, and promoting overall vitality. While providing a  pathway toward spiritual growth, Reiki encourages individuals to tap into their inner wisdom and achieve a sense of inner peace.

Book a Reiki Session

Half Tarot Reading and Half Reiki Session

The 1 hour Half Tarot Reading and Half Reiki Session is the best of both worlds throughout your healing journey. During this session, the first 30 mins consists of a detailed live Tarot Reading connected to spirit. The second half of the session will include a 30 minute distance Reiki session where you will sit in meditation while your session is conducted. This session will be followed by a full recap of what was discovered within the bodies energy system and how it connects to your tarot reading.