Learn About Tarot Readings and How Sessions Work

 Tarot Readings include cards that are used as a tool to tap into energy and clarify divine guidance. While Tarot Readings can be used in many ways, in our session they will be used as a tool for spirit to bring forward unique messages, paint the bigger picture, and highlight the best steps you can take in achieving your goals. 

How a Tarot Reading Works
After booking a session, we will meet at the scheduled time of your Tarot Reading. You can bring specific questions & topics that you would like to talk about during your session or we can allow spirit to offer messages and topics of importance. As your tarot reader, I welcome you to ask questions along the way and take notes throughout your session to reflect on after your session.

As one becomes more connected to the guidance of spirit, they can make informed decisions, align their actions with their aspirations, and navigate life's challenges with greater clarity and confidence. 
How Tarot Can Help You Today

Tarot Readings can help understand many areas including:

  • Love and Relationships Tarot Reading- How to develop current relationships, how to attract new relationships, and how to strengthen self-love.
  • Finance and Career Tarot Reading- How to grow in your career or current position, the discovery of true passions, and how to increase areas of abundance and release money blocks.
  • Monthly, Yearly, and Birthday Tarot Readings- These transitional periods are known to bring change and new beginnings. Together we will discover the potential of what is to come and how to stay in alignment with your goals.
  • Personal and Spiritual Growth- Ways that you can better your life, increase your overall health & well-being, and increase overall happiness in additional to unpacking more specific circumstances.

Book a Virtual Tarot Reading

Half Tarot Reading and Half Reiki Session

The 1 hour Half Tarot Reading and Half Reiki Session is the best of both worlds throughout your healing journey. During this session, the first 30 mins consists of a detailed live Tarot Reading connected to spirit. The second half of the session will include a 30 minute distance Reiki session where you will sit in meditation while your session is conducted. This session will be followed by a full recap of what was discovered within the bodies energy system and how it connects to your tarot reading.

How Does Tarot Work?
During a Tarot Reading, I connect with your spirit guides and higher wisdom to understand the answers to some of your deepest questions. During a session, we focus on the most important areas of your life and discover the steps needed to achieve your ideal outcome.
Does Tarot Predict the Future?
While Tarot can predict possibilities for the future, YOU are the creator of your future and nothing is set in stone. Tarot is a tool to help you discover the steps needed to achieve the future that you want.
Can Tarot help with decision-making and problem-solving?
Yes- Connecting with Spirit through Tarot allows you to understand all perspectives of a situation before making a decision. It creates the space for you to gain greater wisdom and tune into what your intuition is guiding you towards. This allows you to take the path that most aligns with your inner wisdom.